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In the beginning there was nothing. There was no matter and no space. There was no sound, and no one who could hear it. Absolute nothingness. Then - the Big Bang comes. Birth of the smallest elements, total chaos, first movements, constant collisions. The formation of larger pieces of matter, planets and us. Us and everything inside us. We all are made of star dust.

That dust was very lucky. It made it through time and space, and joined space cloud of accumulated gases and heavy metals, which in billions of years formed a pale blue dot we call Home. Dust that got a chance to become alive. To live, perceive, feel, grasp, change and become changed, to enjoy and create something new.

Three nights. Three music scenes. Seven locations with lectures, workshops and workshops. More than 150 artists in music, art, theater and dance. Keep up with the news. There is so much more to come!

Vibronica 2020. Stardust.
16-19 July 2020 / Kyiv, Ukraine / Open-air
Join us! Let’s do some wonder ;)


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