Dear friends,

It is time to announce one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make. In recent months, we have continued to work to create the holiday and had faith that we would be able to hold it. But no matter how strong our desire, reality makes itself felt and adjusts our plans.

Air travel in many countries has not yet been restored and most of the artists announced in the lineup will not be able to join us. Also, many of you have shared with us the fear of attending mass events in the present, and we fully understand this position.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, this year we will not be able to hold the festival in the volume and format in which we see it. The world has not yet coped with the epidemic and we cannot take any risks, endangering you, the artists, our team and the spirit of the holiday in general. After all, if someone picks up a virus during construction, it is unlikely that the construction will have a chance to be successfully completed.

Vibronica Festival 2020 | Stardust is postponed to new dates - July 15-18, 2021 We are negotiating with all artists and will make every effort to keep the lineup as it is this year.

Of course, we will transfer all purchased tickets to next year. If new dates do not suit you - please email us within two weeks - by June 12, 2020 and we will refund.

Meanwhile, despite the complete uncertainty of the future - we have prepared a surprise news for you and this is not canceled in any case. Together with all the musicians who planned to visit Vibronica this year, we prepared a compilation of tracks during the quarantine. Each track is unique, written for us and our holiday. Prepare your ears, release will be there very soon 🎶

Also, the desire to have a good hang out has not gone anywhere 😉 We will follow the events and as soon as we have the opportunity - we will organize a small party in the fall. Follow the news.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones ❤️ And see you on the dance floor! Just a little later.

With Love, Vibronica Team

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In the beginning there was nothing. There was no matter and no space. There was no sound, and no one who could hear it. Absolute nothingness. Then - the Big Bang comes. Birth of the smallest elements, total chaos, first movements, constant collisions. The formation of larger pieces of matter, planets and us. Us and everything inside us. We all are made of star dust.

That dust was very lucky. It made it through time and space, and joined space cloud of accumulated gases and heavy metals, which in billions of years formed a pale blue dot we call Home. Dust that got a chance to become alive. To live, perceive, feel, grasp, change and become changed, to enjoy and create something new.

Three nights. Three music scenes. Seven locations with lectures, workshops and workshops. More than 150 artists in music, art, theater and dance. Keep up with the news. There is so much more to come!


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