How we got here

How we got here

Summer in the forest. The sunset illuminates the shore, full of people, smiles and dances in the water. The wind picks up the sounds of music and spreads them between the trees, picks up smiles and spreads them between hearts.

закат лес

After the sun meets the sea, the place gets saturated with lights of lanterns, pleasant scents of masala, and wild dances. Rhythm is the heart of everything. It unites, sets all legs on fire, turns people into a tribe.

ночной купол закат на берегу

Along with the main music stages, there are 5 different locations with lectures, classes and workshops present at the festival. Dances, massages, martial arts, vocals, pottery, drawing, musical instruments, lectures on healthy nutrition, ecology and psychology. Everyone and everybody can find a place to learn something interesting and new here.

презентация йога

Each year, the festival is embellished with design and decorations we create with our own hands. It reveals and supplements the main festival theme, each year new and unique.

закат для двух купол ночью

For many participants, the event became a platform for creativity. Everyone adds their vision of beauty to this little world and shares it with everyone.

алибаба улыбка

Our event features a variety of arts: theater and dance performances, fiery shows, visual art: art installations and video mappings. Vibronica is a kids friendly area of trust, creativity and beauty.

неон русалки

We pay special attention to sustainability and ecological way of life. We don’t use plastic on our events and together with our team we regularly clean forests and plant trees (more than 10 000 trees are already planted).

обсуждение копаем огород

All this is Vibronica Festival, a feast of music and arts that takes place near Kyiv every year since 2014. It all started with our desire to listen to our favorite artists live in Ukraine and in 2018 it gathered about 2000 fans of multicultural art on two stages under the same sky. During these 5 years, more than 150 musicians from five different continents have performed here. And all in different music styles - multicultural electronic, voodoohop, chillrave, ethno, rock, world music, dub & psytrance.

In March 2018, we have also started organizing one-night Kyiv-based parties to which we invite music artists who produce music on their own.

ночной парень ночная девушка

Creating our own music space is our way to express the gratitude to all music creators, contributors and lovers. And our way to share our sound and our love with other beings.

Join us! Let’s do some wonder ;)

Our Artists

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