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The Game.

On the one hand – an aimless activity. Its central motive lies in its process, not in the result.

And at the same time – an existential phenomenon that can not be separated from human culture.

Games have always gone hand in hand with the development of mankind.

The English word “game” comes from the Proto-Germanic word “gamaną” which, in turn, stems from the collective prefix “ga” and the root “mann” – man.

The game is what happens between people when "I" becomes "We"

The game is us.

And life is a playground for mutual interactions.

The game is the basis for learning

It creates space for developing creativity and searching for new forms of self-expression.

Games stimulate vitality, awakening the whole person. Mind and body, intellect and creativity, memory and logic, spontaneity and intuition.

Games create diversity. Expends interactions, behaviors, relationships, and connections.

Games add colors. Create. Evolve. Teach. Inspire.

And although we do not know for sure who is playing with whom – the world or us…

Let us play together?


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